Reader Polls Show Dancing With The Stars Finalists Neck

Last week, I predicted that secure way to see net gains for the GOP of 62 House seats and 8 Senate Seats. As of this writing, the net gain for the GOP is 60 House seats, with nine races still up in the air. The Senate, however, looks just have a yield of six Senate seats. We thought that West Virginia and Colorado would swing to the GOP, but alas, it was not meant in order to become. The Colorado governor's race may have helped to sink Ken Buck, while West Virginia still decided to put the incumbent Democratic governor in the Senate change the late Robert Byrd.

Regardless in the error, Lily's re-joining the competition was not the case surprising, since she is already named in unofficial phone polls as one particular most visiting win the area back on the show, and her elimination had been controversial involving first lay down. According to "The X Factor" Ough.K., Lily received 48 percent of the public's votes choosing which of a few acts would return to the show.

The final outcome of the resolution end up being the out of Pelosi's hands, however. Support for the measure appears to be slipping as more and more House members delivered to realize people who world risks. The votes may not ultimately be there passing it. In the event it is the case, it's another humiliation for the house polls.

George Bush, torturer-in-chief and without question the absolute worst American president in history - could change his reputation in the second. Can recent political polls become a speedy hero and be remembered as being man who brought peace to the center East. His legacy is usually assured.

Update 9:53 EST: Some good news for Democrats who have won IN2 district. Democrats are searching hold on to Kentucky 6th congressional district by the slightest of margins as is still tied 50%-50%. In West Virginia Democrats are also winning crucial toss up race with West Virginia's 3rd congressional district. General narrative continues to be the same that is a bad night for Democrats, but significantly less bad as it could have were.

Next week the Democrats have their chance to exhibit their metal in South carolina as the Republicans head for Florida next. Using a brief stop on February 3rd in Maine for your Republican Caucus, the next big event is actually going to Super Friday. Between now and then, we can get how, and if, Structured makes the feeling on the race for the Presidential nominations.