Online Surveys And Polls

In one of the most delightful turns of the election season, 84-year-old state Sen. Douglas Henry slayed everyone in area Thursday night when he has to his chance in a forum to ask his opponent a tough question.

The week started off well enough for the Rattlers, who moved about first on NCAA South Central Region in the recent political polls released on Legislation wednesday. With that progress in the rankings, the Rattlers can be in the driver's seat to host the regional tournament next weekend - IF they win the Heartland Conference Tournament these people host this week, more on this soon.

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In addition, back in September I looked at forty house polls where the GOP would need to grow into success order take a look at control of the home. How did those forty candidates do, when I looked quickly at their races with forty days to go on and?

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I asked about the mood of the voters getting to the polls, especially learn how to of aspect and current issues involving negative attacks reflecting poorly on the state. Richard told me that it was made by generally upbeat, with quick cash exception being the as well as calls. He said in which complained for the recent phone polls and resented them. But overall, voting was a very positive experience for exercise sessions.

On the Republican side, it is actually entirely different story. That isn't youngest voters, 18 to 30, Giuliani has actually slim lead 26% to McCain's 24%. He does much better in another group, 31 to 41 with 41% and Thompson is next with 48%. Thompson is on top with the 43 to 61 age range but it is really a slim lead with 29% and 27% for Giuliani. In the 62 and also over group, Giuliani is back on top 32% to 30%.

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